The NCYCLO Attribution Platform

Do you have a technology platform to understand the complex and ever-changing DNA structure of your new clientele? Let us explain the problem, solution, and how we make it all easy for you!

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The Problem

You have marketing data. You have a ton of data. You may have an overwhelming amount of data. What should you do with it?

The answer is simple: don't do a single thing! Let us do the heavy lifting for you by examining your data and making sense of each piece.

The Solution

What we do here at ncyclo is take the guesswork out of the attribution to each channel. When you have multiple channels driving sales, it's not an easy task to figure out which ones are proving to be the most lucrative and we understand that.

How We Do It

We take the guesswork out of the attribution. You may have television ads, magazine ads, social media ads. These have the potential to drive business with customers sometimes using all channels simultaneously, but which ones you need most is the big question to answer. Our software, for example, allocates fractional credit for producing a desired outcome for each one. Simply put, we have created the world's most advanced algorithm to solve this issue and direct traffic flow where it needs to be!

The Next Steps to Success

How exactly will you use our software to make each dollar count?

Get to really know your campaign, marketing objectives and which challenges you will face.
Gather all of your data and simply place it into our software for attribution.
Run our software, analyze its recommendations and fine tune based on your client's feedback.
Take what ncyclo has provided and show off the best possible conversion rate on the market!

ncyclo Customer Analytics Platform

Customer Analytics

ncyclo's advanced algorithms combine multiple facets of customer analytics to predict response to a specified offer, recommend which offer to present, classify customers into rich segment profiles and identify Customer Lifetime value and provide detailed revenue attribution drawing from a 360 view of the customer

Integrated Campaign Management

ncyclo integrated campaign management combines customer data, predictive analytics and marketing campaigns to deliver a custom treatment based on eligibility rules, ranking functions, testing, simulation and optimization provided by a real time decision management system

Data Intelligence Platform

ncyclo Data Intelligence combines advanced omni-channel data collection capabilities, data management capabilities, data deduplication and cleansing with digital fingerprinting technology to present a single version of the customer as they interact across devices, channels and platforms

Algorithmic Attribution

Our software applies statistical methodologies to assign a calculated weight to each marketing touchpoint experienced by a prospect prior to becoming a customer

3 stage model based on consideration-visit-purchase cycle involved in high involvement purchases

Leverages models including Monte Carlo, Logistic Regression, Bayesian Probability and nested loops

OMNI Channel Personalization

Software leverages big data processes and technologies to collect, harness and integrate multiple sources of data into the customer data platform

Combines demographic and behavioral with cross channel marketing performance data

Identifies optimal mix of channels and tactics for each audience segment to deliver personalization

Customer Lifetime Value

Identify Highest Value Customer Segments

Connect post-conversion data to conversion actions recorded via marketing response channels

Optimal combination of tactics to produce greatest long-term monetary value

The ease of using ncyclo

Easy to read, easy to manipulate graphs and charts that cover Attributing Reporting, Cross Channel Optimization, and Audience Insights.

  • Identify

    How Individual touch points impact consumer behavior at a granular segment level. Leverage algorithmic cross channel attribution to measure how one marketing channel affects the performance of another.

  • Discover

    What drives multiple conversions across a customer’s lifecycle by understanding your customer journey leading to purchase ?

  • Personalize

    Deliver a personalized component of your omni-channel strategy by combining demographic and behavioral data with cross channel marketing performance data and rich segmentation profiles

  • Maximize

    Customer lifetime value by establishing LTV for each customer, identifying the segment into which each customer fits and micro targets highest value customer segments through conversion response analysis.

  • Predict

    Likelihood to buy, unsubscribe, recommend, return, purchase online

Integration Points

3rd Party and Audience Data

Ad Server

Click Fraud

Email Service Providers


Paid Search Platforms

Tag Management Solution

Web Analytics

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