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A Fortune 250 brand in the hospitality industry discovered through algorithmic attribution modeling that a significant amount of their paid search traffic could still be retained by organic search and by using predictive analytics. Through algorithmic attribution, the client could achieve a cost saving of 20% by reducing their paid search spend without any impact on conversions. The client spent more than $36 million on paid search and this recommendation was able to save them significant media spend dollars that could be reallocated to other channels.

A leading consumer electronics manufacturer used attribution modeling to map the connection between display and search campaigns, noting that display impressions lifted search performance by 50 percent. We helped identify that over 50 percent of its display ads appeared "below the fold" with more than 30 percent never being viewed.

A leading retailer discovered through attribution, that the most effective purchase path is a win-back email, display ad, and direct mail piece, resulting in an average transaction value of $135 within a 15-day interaction period. This helped the retailer craft similar purchase paths and interactions to drive incremental sales and acquisitions.

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Featured in the prestigious Journal of Marketing Research and Marketing Sciences Institute

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This technology enables a firm to produce a granular record of every touchpoint consumers make in their online purchase journey before they convert at the firm’s website.

Not only does their model provide a more accurate picture of the relative contributions of channels and marketing interventions on conversions, their fine-grained analysis offers important insights about touchpoints that didn’t result in conversions.

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